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Client Testimonials


Matt Eye, Owner/Operator

“It’s no coincidence that the growth I’ve experienced in my company over the last two years can be pinpointed to the time I began working with Darlene. I have never had anyone invest this kind of time into helping me get caught up and organized. I can talk to Darlene about new ideas, opportunities and investments I want to make for my company’s long term future and she advises me accordingly how to make that happen. Over my eleven years in business, I’ve learned that there are few positions in my company that offer me as much peace of mind as knowing I've hired one of the best bookkeepers on the Island. But with Darlene I’ve got so much more than that. She’s been a game changer.”

Client Profile & Testimonials

With over 35 years of business management experience, there are few sectors of business owner Darlene Howell hasn't worked in. The diverse client list at Brisk Accounting includes small and medium size companies across Prince Edward Island in construction, retail, tourism and hospitality, oil and gas, auto mechanics, real state and property management to name a few.

Darlene says, "Helping people in their business is who I am and my approach has always been to provide more value to my client by going the extra mile. Dig a little deeper,  build trust to create a strong  relationship and use my experience to make the best recommendations."

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The Boys Comfort Cuisine Inc.

Vernon Bridge, PE

Jeffrey Haight, Owner/Operator

"I have known Darlene for almost 40 years. Never as a client, always as a friend. When she saw how happy my husband and myself were at Christmas selling the products we love to make , she wasn’t surprised when we wanted to start a business. She has helped take a hobby and make it a business. Always there with a wealth of information and offering different solutions for every avenue we had to take. To us, Darlene is more than an accountant, a consultant, a problem solver or even a friend, she is family. Highly recommended to have in your corner especially in these overwhelming times."


Catherine & Greg Garant, Owners

"Darlene, the owner of Brisk Accounting goes above and beyond the call of duty every time. She has cared for us and guarded our money as if it was her own. Darlene's experience and words of wisdom have blessed us time and time again. Highly and warmly recommend!"

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